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ubuntu@zynqmp:~$ sudo sh -c 'echo "LINUX_KERNEL_CMDLINE=\"cma=256M\" > /etc/default/u-boot-xlnx' 
ubuntu@zynqmp:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure u-boot-zynqmp 

Note the delimited : Be sure to delimit quotation marks around the LINUX_KERNEL_CMDLINE values. This is so that multiple arguments can be passed at the same time. If only one argument is being specified then they can be omitted.


Note: If command line arguments are being used which include forward slashes ( / ) such as those found in filesystem paths, they must be delimited twice.

Example: sudo sh -c 'echo "LINUX_KERNEL_CMDLINE=\"cma=256M\ root=\\/dev\\/sda1" > /etc/default/u-boot-xlnx'

You must reboot the system for the changes to take place.