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This page describes the steps for creating and building a 2021.1 PetaLinux project for use with the ZCU111 RFSoC Evaluation tool.

Table of Contents


The ZCU111 RFSoC Evaluation Tool has three designs based on the functionality. A detailed information about the three designs can be found from the following pages.


For more details on ZU+ RFSoC RF Data Converter Evaluation Tool refer to ZCU111 RFSoC RF Data Converter Evaluation Tool Getting Started Guide.

Building the Linux Image


PetaLinux consists of three key elements: pre-configured binary bootable images, fully customizable Linux for the Xilinx device, and PetaLinux SDK which includes tools and utilities to automate complex tasks across configuration, build, and deployment. Visit the PetaLinux wiki page for more details. Refer to the PetaLinux Tool Documentation (UG1144) for installation.

Procedure to build the Linux Image

The following section provides the steps to build all the images using the petalinux tool.  


Code Block
% cp BOOT.BIN boot.scr Image system.dtb rootfs.cpio.gz.u-boot  $DCET_HOME/sd-card

Modifications on top of 2021.1 released BSP

Below are the modification in this TRD for linux-kernel, rfdc drivers, rftool, rfdc example, trd-autostart applications and device tree on top of 2021.1 petalinux released BSP. For more details on patch information please refer to AR# 75664: ZCU111 2021.1 BSP patch files .