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For more information on FS-Boot creation and merging it into the bitstream, see the PetaLinux Tools Guide


U-Boot, short for Universal Boot Loader, is an open source, primary boot loader used in embedded devices to boot the device's operating system kernel that is frequently used in the Linux community. Xilinx uses U-Boot as a second stage boot loader for MicroBlaze. For more information about U-Boot visit their page at

For more information about U-Boot on Xilinx devices,  go to the U-Boot page on this wiki.


Since Linux is the primary OS that people start with on the MicroBlaze when doing the application processor implementation, there is more information on it at the Linux page. This includes the two different build tools used to create customer distributions. Xilinx's PetaLinux and Yocto, an open source project that is part of the Linux Foundation. The Linux page also shows how to build your own Linux system from the source, and information about the Linux drivers that Xilinx provides. 


Installing the Xilinx Tools


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