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This page gives the information about the GPIO drivers in u-boot.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

U-boot Configuration

To enable GPIO in u-boot, the following configurations need to be enabled
Code Block

Test Procedure

Command Line:
It’s a simple way to access the GPIO from the command line.
Following commands need to run on the u-boot console:
Code Block
Gpiogpio status -a
Gpiogpio input <gpio_num>
Gpiogpio set <gpio_num>
Gpiogpio clear <gpio_num>
Gpiogpio toggle <gpio_num>

Zynq Ultrascale+

  • 78 GPIO signals for device pins
    • Routed through the MIO multiplexer.
    • Outputs are 3-state capable.
  • 288 GPIO signals between the PS and PL through the EMIO interface
    • 96 inputs.
    • 192 outputs (96 true outputs and 96 output enables).
  • The function of each GPIO can be dynamically programmed on an individual or group basis.
  • Enable, bit or bank data write, output enable and direction controls.
  • Programmable interrupts on individual GPIO basis
    • Status read of raw and masked interrupt.
    • Selectable sensitivity: Level-sensitive (High or Low) or edge-sensitive (positive,negative, or both).