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→ Alternately, patch in SGMII fixed link AR mentioned above can be used (especially if there is no PHY) with "is-internal-pcspma" property and a fixed link node. In this case, both Linux SW and PCS block do not attempt autoneg and the link status in PCS_status register will always report link up.

Pointers on PHY reset via GPIO

→ For boards which require a PHY reset via GPIO, please see the generic framework provisions here:

This can be used for multiple PHYs with independent GPIO resets as well.

→ If reset is required before PHY detection, please see the MDIO bus provision here:

→ When using PHY reset via GPIO, please check manufacturer specific datasheet for the reset polarity, reset assert duration and post de-assert delay for PHY to be functional. These values can then be passed to PHY and MDIO framework via Devicetree documentation above.


These benchmark performance numbers were obtained by connecting Xilinx boards to Linux PCs/server machines (Ubuntu/Red Hat Enterprise).
The tool used is netperf (Refer to tool information below).
The protocol, MTU size and option to note CPU load can all be selected from netperf/netserver options


Board: ZC706
CPU Freq: 666MHz (A9)
Link Speed: 1000Mbps, Full duplex
Linux version: 4.19

TCP (Mbps)UDP(Mbps)

Linux version: 5.4

NOTE- There is ~10% drop in performance (compared to 2019.2) for 1500 MTU.
The drop is due to this commit enabling CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING forcibly in linux kernel. It is observed on GEM and Xilinx Axi Ethernet drivers on Zynq.

Kernel and networking stack has a large number of inline functions and it could be some unoptimized inline function (could also be dependent on gcc version) leading to performance drop.

The plan is to document this performance drop on Zynq and initiate a discussion with mainline community so that it is analyzed by respective kernel maintainers.

TCP (Mbps)UDP(Mbps)


Board: ZCU102
CPU Freq 1100MHz (A53)
Link Speed 1000Mbps, Full duplex
DDR 533MHz
Linux version: 5.4