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The recommended flow for building a Linux system is to use the Petalinux tools. However, this article offers an alternative for users that want full visibility into the Image.

This assumes that the users has downloaded Vitis 2020.1 (used to by the devcetree generator).
Some steps are duplicated. For example, the cross_compile steps. This is intentional to allow the users to build each image in isolation.
However, users must use the same tag, as there are dependencies between pmufw and atf for example.The rootFS is downloaded from the released images from here.

NOTE: If building on an Ubuntu (or derivative machine), ensure that the default shell has been changed from Dash to Bash.  Compiling in Dash may result in syntax errors within the Makefile that will prevent the code from compiling.

Build FSBL

  • git clone
  • cd embeddedsw
  • git checkout xilinxmaster-rel-v20202020.12
  • cd embeddedsw/lib/sw_apps/zynqmp_fsbl/src
  • make "BOARD=zcu102-es2" "PROC=a53" "CFLAGS+=-DFSBL_DEBUG_INFO"