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  1. boot.bin, Image, system.dtb can be taken generated from petalinux PetaLinux bsp []
  2. extract the petalinux the PetaLinux bsp after downloading it from here
  3. source the petalinux tool PetaLinux  Tool and run petalinux-config command. This will launch a menuconfig GUI using this select the following:
    1. Image Packaging configuration →Root filesystem type→ Initrd
    2. after choosing initrd, save the changes and exit
  4. run petalinux-build command to generate the new kernel image type and populate it under images directory 
  5. The ubuntu Ubuntu rootfs can be taken from ubuntu-base-14.04.2-core-arm64.tar.gz


Reference boot log for ZCU102 can be found here


Inital work done by mentor graphics to boot ubuntu rootfs on zcu102 zynqmp can be found here.