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What are the peripherals/IPs required for FSBL?

CSUDMA, ADMA_0 and any one instance of IPI are required IPs for FSBL. In addition, for ZCU102 and ZCU106 boards, I2C0 is needed for board-specific configuration done in FSBL. Hence these IPs are required in design and also should be not isolated from the processor for which FSBL is being created.

Revision History

What's new in 2021.2 release?

  • Added Winbond flash support to ZynqMP FSBL
  • Added MultiDie read support for Micron 2Gb flash part
  • Fixed logical issue in Secondary boot mode

What's new in 2021.1 release?

  • Fixed secure boot issue in USB boot mode
  • Added FSBL_UNPROVISIONED_AUTH_SIGN_EXCLUDE_VAL macro to xfsbl_config.h, if this macro is set to 0 (set to 1 by default), authenticated images would boot as non secure images if RSA_EN is not programmed
  • Added XFSBL_PL_LOAD_FROM_OCM macro to xfsbl_config.h, if this macro is enabled (disabled by default), bitstream would get loaded from OCM even if DDR is present in design

What's new in 2020.2 release?

  • Removed SHA2 related references from sw_apps and sw_services
  • Removed checksum related code out of secure code
  • Fixed issue in USB boot mode

What's new in 2020.1 release?

  • FSBL updates PMU GLOBAL register to indicate PL configuration
  • Update the status of FSBL image encryption in bit 3 of PMU_GLOBAL_GLOBAL_GEN_STORAGE5
  • Added support for ZCU216 and ZCU208 boards
  • FSBL considers high DDR addresses for R5
  • Added Macronix 2G flash support to FSBL