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  • Updated DAC min sampling rate to 500MHz and also update VCO Range, PLL_DIVIDER and PLL_FPDIV ranges.
  • Added XRFdc_GetFabClkOutDiv() API to read fabric clk div.
  • Added Inline APIs XRFdc_CheckBlockEnabled(), XRFdc_CheckTileEnabled(), XRFdc_CheckDigitalPathEnabled(), XRFdc_IsADCDigitalPathEnabled(), XRFdc_GetMultibandConfig() and XRFdc_IsDACDigitalPathEnabled()
  • Fixed Multiband crossbar settings in C2C mode.
  • Updated Mixer_Settings structure.
  • Added MixerType member to MixerSettings structure and Update Mixer Settings APIs to consider the MixerType variable.
  • Removed __MICROBLAZE__ defines and use libmetal interface for Microblaze.
  • Added support to read the REFCLKDIV param from design.
  • Added XRFDC_MIXER_MODE_R2R option to support BYPASS mode for Real input.
  • Update powerup-state value based on PLL mode in XRFdc_DynamicPLLConfig() API.
  • Update XRFdc_SetPLLConfig() API to support range of REF_CLK_DIV values(1 to 4).
  • Updated StartUp, Shutdown and Reset APIs.


  • Add Added XRFdc_MTS_Sysref_Config API to enable/disable sysref.
  • Update Updated max VCO value to 13108MHz to support max DAC sample rate of 6.554MHz.
  • Adjust Adjusted calculated latency by sysref period, where doing so results in closer alignment to the target latency.
  • Enable Enabled VCO Auto selection while configuring the clock.
  • Add Added XRFdc_GetPLLConfig() API to get PLL Configurations.
  • Add Added XRFdc_GetLinkCoupling() API to get the Link Coupling mode.
  • Add Added clock configuration files for ZCU111 in examples.
  • Updated the lmk configuration to support different revisions of zcu111.
  • Added support for configuring lmx 5.12GHz
  • Removed CalibrationMode check for DAC in XRFdc_GetMixerSettings() and XRFdc_GetNyquistZone() APIs.
  • Updated lower limit of Ref clock to 102.40625MHz.


  • Add Added XRFdc_SetInterpolationFactor() and XRFdc_SetDecimationFactor() APIs.
  • Add Added CoarseMixMode field in mixer settings.
  • Add Added XRFdc_SetCalibrationMode() and XRFdc_GetCalibrationMode() APIs for calibration modes switch.
  • Add Added XRFdc_DynamicPLLConfig() API for PLL and external clock switch support.
  • Add Added XRFdc_GetClockSource() API to get clock source.
  • Add Added XRFdc_GetPLLLockStatus() API to get PLL lock status.
  • Add Added XRFdc_GetDriverVersion() API to get the driver version.
  • Add Added XRFdc_MultiConverter_Sync() and XRFdc_MultiConverter_Init() APIs to support Multi-Tile Sync.
  • Add XRFdcAdded  XRFdc_SetInvSincFIR() and XRFdc_GetInvSincFIR() APIs to support inverse-sinc.
  • Add Added XRFdc_MultiBand() and XRFdc_SetSignalFlow() APIs to configure Multiband and Singleband.
  • Update Updated PLL structure in XRFdc_DynamicPLLConfig() API.
  • Add Added support for Marker event source for DAC block.
  • Added support for reloading DTC scans.
  • Add Added option to configure sysref capture after MTS.


  • Fixed XRFdc_GetNoOfADCBlocks API issue in 4GSPS
  • Enable decoder clock based on decoder mode
  • Add Added API to get current FIFO status
  • Add Added support for 4GSPS CoarseMixer frequency
  • Modify Modified float datatypes to double
  • Fixed ADCBlockEnable API in 4GSPS
  • Fixed Set Threshold API
  • Fix Fixed PhaseOffset truncation issue
  • Provide Provided user configurability for Mixer scale
  • Return error for invalid mixer modes
  • Corrected FIFO and DATA interrupt masks
  • Fixed startup, shutdown and Reset API's for TileId -1