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The Xilinx Certified Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for Xilinx Devices image is an official Ubuntu image with certified hardware support for select Xilinx evaluation boards. This page details how to boot and use the official desktop environment image released by Canonical for Xilinx ZCU102, ZCU104, and ZCU106 evaluation boards . Support for as well as the Kria KV260 Starter Kit is coming soon!. You can read more about and download the certified Ubuntu hardware here.


SD Card


USB Peripherals


ZCU102 (Rev 1.0+)

8GB+ SD Card

Wired Ethernet cable (100Mbps+) required to download updates and additional reference designs

Micro USB-A to USB-A Adapter, (Optional) USB hub for peripherals (ex: keyboard, mouse)

A DisplayPort cable and monitor may be used for a graphical desktop experience. Else, connect via USB UART terminal or SSH.

If DisplayPort Monitor is not available, please see the DisplayPort to HDMI Adapters section below for compatible adapters.

ZCU104 (Rev 1.0+)

8GB+ Micro SD Card

(Optional) USB hub for peripherals (ex: keyboard, mouse)

ZCU106 (Rev 1.0+)

8GB+ SD Card

(Optional) USB hub for peripherals (ex: keyboard, mouse)Kria KV260 Starter Kit

8GB+ Micro SD Card


Note: The ZCU104 & ZCU106 VCU ROI TRD demonstrations additionally require the following accessories: HDMI monitor, HDMI source device (ex: DVD player), and HDMI cables. HDMI is not used on the ZCU102 design.


Running the Kria KV260 Demos

COMING SOON!The NLP SmartVision application is available as an Ubuntu snap. For more information, see the NLP SmartVision Snap wiki page.

Creating a Custom Hardware Platform