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FreeRTOS Debug/Trace

FreeRTOS applications can be debugged in the Xilinx IDE (SDK or Vitis) as normal standalone applications.  So, for example, you can step through or break on task code but information about OS/task context is not provided by the IDE.

For task-aware debugging the IDE support tracing with the Software Trace Macrocell (STM) that became available as of ZynqUS+ devices (see UG1416 for details).  The results of doing an STM trace will provide detailed task information in a manner that is less invasive, and therefore preferred over, using traditional FreeRTOS trace hooks.  For architectures that do not have the STM (e.g. Zynq-7000 and MicroBlaze) 3rd party tools can be used to do task-aware debugging.  For example, users have reported success with Percepio Tracealyzer for both Zynq-7000 and MicroBlaze using the FreeRTOS trace hooks.

Xilinx Partnership with AWS for FreeRTOS IoT Solutions