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The VCU TRD 2019.1 the version consists of eleven design-modules as described below. Individual links below will redirect to the corresponding wiki pages and build and run the flow of individual designs modules. 

Design Module #

Project Name

TRD Pre-built images


1VCU TRDvcu_trdMulti-stream design supporting HDMI-Rx, TPG, MIPI, HDMI-Tx, DP along with showcasing capabilities of VCU.
2SDI Capture and Display with Audiovcu_sdirxtxDesign showcasing Audio Video Capture and Display through SDI interface along with the capabilities of VCU
3Multistream Audiovcu_audioDesign supporting I2S or HDMI Audio with video capture of HDMI-Rx/MIPI Rx  and showcasing capabilities of VCU
410G Ethernet Video streamingvcu_10gDesign showcasing Video stream over 10G Ethernet along with the capabilities of VCU
5HDMI Capture and Display with SDSoC acceleratorvcu_sdx

Design showcasing PL based accelerator IP through SDSoC tool as post-processing plug-in for VCU

6PCIe transcode vcu_pcieDesign to showcase file transfer from HOST(x86) machine over PCIe interface and transcode it on ZCU106 Board having VCU connected as PCIe endpoint and write back the transcoded data to the HOST machine.


HDMI Capture


Design showcasing Video Capture through HDMI interface along with the capabilities of VCU

8HDMI Displayvcu_hdmitxDesign showcasing Video Display through HDMI interface along with the capabilities of VCU


SDI Capture


Design showcasing Video Capture only through SDI interface along with the capabilities of VCU


SDI Display


VCU based video design showcasing SDI transmit capabilities along with the capabilities of the VCU

11HDMI Capture and Display with PL DDRvcu_plddr_hdmiThis is the new design approach proposed to use PL DDR for decoding and PS DDR for encoding so that DDR bandwidth would be enough to support high bandwidth VCU applications requiring simultaneous encoder and decoder operations and transcoding at 4k@60fps.

VCU TRD User guide has more details about the list of features, software architecture, and hardware architecture of individual designs. Here is the link for the user guide :