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  • AR66763 - LogiCORE H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit (VCU) - Release Notes and Known Issues for the Vivado 2017.3 tool and later versions

2020.2 Release

New Feature Support:

  • HDR10 is supported for capture, VCU encode/decode and display at gstreamer level
  • Added max-consecutive-skip parameter to VCU encoder
    • Allows users to specify a maximum number of consecutive skipped frames
  • Interlaced video support added for SCD MM
  • NTSC 4:2:0 interlace support is added to VCU encoder/decoder
  • Interlaced video/audio support is validated
  • Added example for passing DMA buffers between the VCU and appsrc/appsink

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed XAVC compliance errors
  • Fixed incorrect POC on skipped interlaced frames
  • Fixed LLP2 encoder latency issues
  • Fixed frame drop issue with AVC, HIGH Profile 4kp60 with num-slices=16
  • Fixed coverity check errors in V4L2 and DRM
  • Fixed gstreamer parser bugs which caused crashes with third party video files
    • Fixed issue with improper handling of prefix NALs

Known issues:

S.NoIssue descriptionWork aroundComments/AR link
14x1080p60 decode (PL_DDR) → display use-case shows occasional frame drops when B-frames are present in input videoUse b-frames=0NA
2LLP2: 1280x720 XV20 (422 10 bit) doesn't workNoneNA
3Memory leak when using v4l2srcFix availableNA
4LLP2: Switching Live source resolutions on the fly or removing and re-inserting live source cable when VCU encoder LLP2 pipeline is running, causes hang for next immediate pipeline launch.

remove and re-insert vcu kernel modules when it happens

5LLP2: Ripple effect on displayNoneNA

2020.1 Release

New Feature Support:

  • Gstreamer version upgraded to 1.16.1
  • Added support for HDR10 metadata insertion and extraction at control software level
  • Enabled buffer metadata to indicate encoder frame-skip frame to application at control software level
    • Users can determine whether or not a frame is skipped by calling "AL_Buffer_GetMetaData()" and extracting the bSkipped flag
  • Added custom ROI delta-qp (roi-by-value) support to encoder.
  • LLP2 Video + Audio pipeline support is verified.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed gstreamer parser bugs which caused crashes with third party video files
    • Fixed picture timing SEI parsing
    • Fixed crash caused by incomplete AUs
    • Fixed interlaced transport stream parsing
  • Fixed gradual horizontal/vertical line sweep when using GDR mode
    • Provided custom gstreamer application (zynqmp_relative_qp_insertion) to improve visual quality by modifying delta-qp, alpha, and beta offsets 
  • Fixed coverity check errors in control software
  • Fixed target bitrate in interlaced mode
  • XAVC SEI message buffer size is increased to avoid video hang/corruption for AVC encoder.

Known issues:

S.NoIssue descriptionWork aroundComments/AR link
14x1080p60 decode (PL_DDR) → display use-case shows occasional frame drops when B-frames are present in input videoNo workaroundNA
2LLP2:  Higher encoder latency is observed in 4x 1080p60 use-case. Extra 3 to 4 msec is observed, this may lead to occasional frame drops or lower fps problem.Use extra processing-deadline for gst-pipeline sink, it may reduce frame drops to some extentNA
3Frame drops observed in serial/streaming use-case for AVC, HIGH Profile 4kp60 with num-slices=16 use-case.use num-slices=8 for slice encoding NA
4Switching Live source resolutions on the fly  or removing and re-inserting live source cable when VCU encoder LLP2 pipeline is running, causes hang for next immediate pipeline launch.remove and re-insert vcu kernel modules when it happensNA

2019.2 Release:

New Feature Support

  • ZDMA copy is supported for VCU Encoder output buffer reconstruction, helps in reducing CPU load for encode use-cases.
  • Added IntraMB forcing at block level (Encoder) through External QP table and ROI Map 
  • Added 15 Bframes support in Pyramidal GOP structure
  • Dynamic resolution change support  without port reconfiguration is added gstreamer level, previous release had support at vcu control-sw level.
  • Added sample gstreamer test application to show case 32x stream video transcoding use-case.
  • Added support for generating separate codec-config data for VCU encoder, useful in android framework
  • Added max-picture-sizes control based on Frame type <I, P, B>
  • Added support for blow xAVC profiles
  • Added support external rate control plugin at MCU level
    • Enables users to develop their own rate-control and plugin into vcu firmware.
  • Added support for Loading of external QP map at gstremaer level 
  • Added support for transfering decoder pts/dts data using one-to-one buffer mapping instead of FIFO at application level.
  • New GOP structure support is added.
    • default-gop-b and pyramidal-gop-b modes.
  • Added support of changing loop filter alpha and beta coefficients dynamically for both avc and hevc.
  • Xilinx Low-latency (XNLXLL) / Low-latency phase2 support is added for VCU encoder/decoder. It uses extra HW IP to synchronize video buffers with other IPs (Ex: capture) on the fly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reduced latency-mode (no-reorder mode) multi-stream support, it will support more than 2 decoder streams unlike low-latency mode.
  • Fixed OMX Encoder flush mechanism race condition, Helps in fixing encoder crash in regular video-recording start/stop use-case.
  • Fixed HEVC Picture timing SEI meta data filed, HEVC should use frame number not field number unlike AVC.
  • Fixed 32 (VGA) stream hang related issue, mailbox size  and channel creation optimizations added.
  • Fixed VCU encoder hang when FrameSkip is enabled, excluded IDR pictures from frameskip logic.
  • Fixed dmabuf handling in userbuffer() API at omxvideodec gstreamer.
  • Updated ZCU104 Petalinux BSP design to use external clock as source for VCU PLL Ref clock.  

2019.1 Release:

  • New Feature Support

    • Dynamic Resolution Change
      • VCU Decoder and Encoder support at Control-software
    • Frame skip support for VCU encoder
    • New rate control mode Capped VBR support 
    • SEI NAL Unit insertion at Gstreamer/OMX Level
    • DCI 4K (4096x2160 @60fps support
    • VCU Encoder – VQ improvement option
      • Temporal layer ID support for Pyramidal GOP
      • Frame DeltaQP support based on temporal layer
      • Lambda Table update based on temporal layer
    • 32 streams - 420P (Encode and Decode)
    • Adaptive GOP Support (ability to change number of dynamically)
    • VCU PL DDR Controller support for Limited DRAM parts
    • Multistream Audio/Video pipeline support
  • Bug fixes

    • Fix glitches in H.264 decode and display on long run
    • Improve robustness while decoding erroneous stream
    • Fix performance issue in CONST_QP mode compared to VBR mode
    • Fix for decoder always generating 10-bit output for chroma-4:2:2 (control-sw application)
    • Fix encoder scheduling issue in multi-stream use-case
    • Fix IDR frame insertion issue when gop-length=1
    • Fix decoder control-sw generating blocky video output for specific stream.
    • Fix incorrect parameter passing for reduced-latency mode
    • Fix encoder assert on multiple flush for empty frame

2018.3 Release:

  • New Feature Support
    • Scene Change Detection
    • HEVC Interlaced Encoding/Decoding
    • Adaptive B-Frame support
    • Long Term Reference picture
    • SEI Insertion at Control-SW Encoder
    • SEI Extraction at Control-SW Decoder
    • Dual Pass Encoding at frame level
    • Low Latency Mode 
    • GDR support Enhancement
      • Insertion of SPS/PPS at each GDR start frame
      • Decoder synchronization without IDR picture
    • Multi-stream support in Low latency mode
  • Stabilized streaming use cases
    • Fixed Hang/Crash issues observed in various streaming pipelines.
    • Fixed Assertion errors observed in multiple start/stop at both server & client side.
    • Unable to resume decoding if server/client is start/stopped.
    • Fixed time stamping errors in low-latency mode.
  • Fixed Frame drops issues observed in 4kp60 pipeline at 60Mbps in CBR/VBR/low latency modes.
  • Fixed Flickering & Block noise issue observed with 4kp60 pipeline at lower bitrate(10Mbps).
  • Fixed I-Frame flickering effect with lower CPBSize.
  • Fixed Memory leak where control software fail to release memory after encoding.
  • Fixed Memory leak observed when running pipeline in full-screen overlay mode.
  • Fixed Hang issue while seeking qtmux or mkv generated file. 
  • Fixed Assertion errors observed in repeat Playback with EOS
  • Fixed Encoder port flush issue observed while seeking.
  • Fixed Crash issue at Control Software when performing multiple concurrent transcoding.
  • Fixed Hang issue in HEVC decoder on EOS in low latency mode.
  • Fixed Encoder to achieve expected Bitrates
  • Fixed VCU Decoder to conceal errors & decode corrupted streams
  • Fixed various non-complaint stream to be able to decode
  • Fixed DMA fd import issue when videocrop element used in pipeline
  • Fixed VCU Init driver issue giving segmentation fault while loading & unloading driver.
  • Removed requirement for Gop.length to be multiple of B+1 frames.

2018.2 Release:

  • Fixed AVC Decoder hang issue for corrupted input file
  • Fixed data corruption issue observed with b-frame enable
  • Fixed zynqmp_vcu_encode application to support b-frames in AVC.
  • Fixed long run frame drop issue for AVC1080p60 decode→display with large input file
  • Fixed bad parameter error when setting baseline profile and level=5.1
  • Fixed MCU clock division calculation in VCU Init driver.
  • Improve CBR/VBR rate control for static video sequences